Research & Impact

TIGOR harnesses the strengths of Tufts researchers in basic and translational sciences, social sciences, medicine, data science, economics, nutrition, engineering, behavioral psychology, and veterinary and dental sciences to create innovative projects that generate research, scholarship, and actionable solutions to the global obesity crisis. The group will make high-impact discoveries across all of the major fields represented at Tufts and will engage local and global communities in interventions that can reverse the obesity epidemic from childhood to old age. 

Research Areas

TIGOR faculty conduct research on a broad range of topics within the areas of basic science; clinical studies and behavior change; communities and interventions; technology, artificial intelligence and modeling; policy and econometrics; and epidemiology and population studies.

Research Network Map

A map that visualizes the research connections that TIGOR faculty have developed across the globe.

Funding Opportunities

A list of current grant opportunities and past grant recipients from the Tufts Institute for Global Obesity Research along with other selected opportunities for Tufts researchers.



Selected publications by TIGOR faculty and other Tufts researchers.